Most voucher sites cater to who we call 'market tourists' who likely aren't sure what kind of products they want.  While this can be great for the tourists who like to sample for cheap but never buy full price, it can be a waste of time and money for the businesses who never end up acquiring long-term customers.  Customers acquired through goPlay will return at a greater rate than any other marketing channel.


Selling discounted vouchers for your products through the goPlay Market can be thought of as micro-sponsorship.  When someone is a dedicated member of your target market, and has a large network of friends with the same interests, you want your products in their hands.  Based on this idea, goPlay uses a sophisticated trust metric based algorithm to find and verify the highest possible value customers.


 goPlay will be live later this year.  To make the launch successful, we need a great line-up of high quality products to deliver to our most dedicated users.  Be one of our first partners to utilize the unprecedented targeting capabilities of the goPlay Market.

If you have any more questions, hopefully they're answered in the Merchant FAQ

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